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Baskets, boxes and shelves are all good ways to organize any space

6 Easy Ways To Organize Your Home

Everything should have its place, and be in its place. Without this basic tenant, dream homes can very quickly become nightmares full of clutter and confused spaces. Here are six tips on how to organize your home – and keep it that way. Examine Where Clutter Accumulates We all h
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4 Miami Beach Homes With Green Space

Modern psychology has found that exposure to plants in the home improves humans’ health and mood, so it’s no surprise that even the most chic urbanite still finds a little relief in a green space. Here are four homes in Miami Beach that will please city-slickers and plant lovers alike
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Don't sacrifice beautiful windows for privacy - upgrade your landscaping

3 Homes With Privacy

If you’ve ever had a nosy neighbor or walls thin enough to hear other apartment residents fighting, you know the importance of having privacy in your own home. In big cities like Miami, it can be difficult to find a place to live that feels private, but with OMG Brokers, you can find
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Time to sell your house - here's how

So You Want To Sell Your House: A Beginner’s Guide

Is it time to downsize after empty-nesting? Has your family been complaining about the limited space of your current home? If so, it’s seems like it’s time to sell your house. Let us be your guide to the wide world of real estate, where every decision has an impact on your way of life
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These eclectic homes are sure to turn some heads.

5 Eclectic Homes In Miami

If you’re looking for a home with character, architectural interest or something just plain unique – this is the listicle for you. Check out these five eclectic homes in Miami and find something your inner eccentric will love. Art Deco Dream Miami is the perfect place for the mo
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A lack of curb appeal this bad should be a major red flag

Four Red Flags When Touring A Home

Is the price on the condo you’re eyeing too good to be true? While competitive pricing is a plus in the real-estate world, sometimes a price too low is one among many red flags. Here are four things to look out for when touring a potential buy to save yourself the headache of costly r
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Walkable homes are great for people who want to save gas or be more active

3 Walkable Homes For Active Buyers

Miami is a big city with a layout that’s not always accommodating to the homeowner who wants to walk to and from the store. Living in downtown Miami, of course, alleviates some of that issue and provides the added benefit of promising a vibrant nightlife. Whether you want an urban oas
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A real estate agent will help you when you can't DIY.

Why You Should Hire A Real Estate Agent

The real estate market of today is more accessible to individuals than ever. Even though you can search for properties on many websites, including our own, you’re likely to get more out of your buying or selling experience by hiring a real estate agent. Here’s why: Getting Great Deals
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This master bath features a claw foot tub and brightly patterned walls.

5 Homes With A Spa-Worthy Master Bath

Everyone needs some time to unwind. Why not let your master bath be the oasis you need? Here are five beautiful homes perfect for all your daily self-care rituals: Fantasy Forest Bath Nestled serenely in Coconut Grove’s Ye Olde Woods neighborhood, this home is seems dreamy and fantast
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Make weekend projects even easier with spray-paint.

6 Weekend Project Ideas To Increase Your Home’s Value

Updating your home can be intimidating financially and physically. Try some of these weekend project ideas to up your home’s appeal without breaking the bank or your back. A Fresh Coat Of Paint Whether you want to freshen your home’s interior, clean up its exterior or add some pizzazz
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